Wednesday, August 1, 2018

7 Crochet caps for adults

Few of the crochet caps which I tried which I found interesting. I have written pattern link for each of the caps from where I found it.

Crochet Granny Square slouchy hat for an adult. You can find the pattern here

This is a V stitch crochet cap for an adult with a 4 ply yarn. This cap pattern is made from my own design. There may be someone who would have a written pattern and you may find it in google.
This cap is made easily I made the center of the cap of an adult size with dc and and the v stitch

v stitch
International symbol for a double crochet incr...
International symbol for a double crochet increase, a common increase stitch in crochet; made by me using Xfig. Reference: Pauline Turner (2001) How to crochet, London:Collins and Brown, ISBN 1-85585-827-4, p. 150. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Crochet Sun Hat for an adult for the pattern you can go here

Crochet Bow cap for an adult. I changed the size for 6 months to an adult size just by increasing the rounds in the center. You can find the pattern here

ALL the seven crochet caps

Crochet cap with a brim for adults. This pattern I found on youtube the video tutorial is here

Crochet cap with HEART. I found the pattern on youtube and you can find the pattern here 

Crochet cap with shell stitch border. This is another of the caps of my own design,  This pattern is written in my book and will need a new post,  Inshallah.

Crochet griddle stitch cap. You can find the pattern here

I enjoyed making these caps and hope you all will also find it interesting and enjoyful to make these caps
Do comment below to tell which type of caps you loved making

Happy crocheting

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