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Crochet Chunky ribbed beanie

As you all know I blog about the crochet patterns which I have tried it by myself.This week I tried out a new cap pattern after browsing fo...

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Crochet Chunky ribbed beanie

As you all know I blog about the crochet patterns which I have tried it by myself.This week I tried out a new cap pattern after browsing for a long time on the web which is a ribbed cap. Here in Qatar, the weather has become quite cool and my son has been pleading me for a cap. In the early hours of the morning while waiting for the bus its cool and to keep him warm I made him this cap. I didnt have a chunky yarn that too that particular color. I needed that color itself as it is his school uniform color. So made it with 2 yarns and YEAH I got a chunky yarn to make for this project.


I found the pattern on youtube as I was watching some other videos. I modified the pattern little as per my son size, who is 6 yrs old but the outcome of the project was from 6 to 15yrs teenager and since the yarn material I used is also different and also the size of the hook
I used two 3ply yarns about 80 to 100 gms and 6.5 mm US hook

You can find the link for the Crochet Snowboarder Chunky Hat pattern.

I started the foundation chain with 49 chain stitches and at the end of each row I made 3sc [single crochet] 4 ss [slip stitch]. This part of the pattern is best understood only when you are  making the cap or beanie. This is a ribbed beanie with chunky yarn with hdc, sc, bl and ss stitches used.

In the original pattern pom pom is also attached on center of the cap but I have not attached it. 
Do try this hat and comment whether you got the desired size 

Happy Crocheting

Tic Tac Toe - Crochet Boardgame pattern

Assalamualaikum [Peace be upon you]

I know I know, that it is after many days I am writing my new post. But I am really sorry about it. My today's post is about a board game but the only difference is that it is a Crochet Board game and I hope you will all like this crochet project which I have completed and Let me tell you another thing, that this is my first time that I am writing crochet patterns. This is my own pattern as one of my followers on Instagram had asked and she was very impressed with it. As she replied this pattern is really great to take on the go as she has grandkids and would love it. So thought to write it down on my blog.
This a crochet board game which I am sure both adults and kids would love to play at their free time to relax and enjoy at some family gathering or occasions. So do share this pattern with your family and friends. 

crochet boardgame for kids

7 Crochet caps for adults

Few of the crochet caps I tried, which I found interesting. I have written a pattern link for each of the caps from where I found it. Few of these caps I found from youtube and few from crochet blogs and websites and these patterns are free and not paid

Crochet new born baby romper

As you all know I am not an experienced crocheter I have kids of my own but all are way past toddlers They are aged 5, 10, 13, 14. So since learn crochet I have wanted to try making a baby romper for a newborn and below is the picture of crochet baby romper

 Buy the romper

Chevron stitch Crochet dress for a girl

This is another crochet project which I am too late to post on my blog. I made this Chevron stitch crochet dress last year for my niece's daughter who was one and half years old.



The pattern for the link is here. The size of the crochet frock is 18 months to 2 years. Calculate before crocheting for bigger or smaller sizes.
An intermediate level if you like Chevron patterns.The pattern includes dc and sc only 

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How to make a Shell stitch crochet top for toddlers

Hello Readers
 I know I should post more often but sometimes with crocheting time flies by and I forget to update my blog . Hope in future I will be more conscious about updating my blog posts. Today I am talking about another crochet creations  by H&G Collections which is a Shell sttich crochet top for toddlers. Lets see where you can find the pattern for this crochet top

Cute Crochet Baby Dress

Crocheting is an addiction which I found when keep crocheting something or other but absolutely too time-consuming. But finding time to create something new by some others pattern or your own pattern but I must say the end result is just wonderful. Here goes my new creation Cute crochet baby dress\