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Crochet Chunky ribbed beanie

As you all know I blog about the crochet patterns which I have tried it by myself.This week I tried out a new cap pattern after browsing fo...

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Cute crochet dress for baby

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Assalamu alaikum,
Dear Readers,
Here is my another finished crochet project which is cute crochet dress for a baby. Size of the dress is for 3 months old baby .I used a smaller hook and thus the size of the dress came to new born to 3 months baby.

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 The pattern of the dress is from Crochet Crowd. I made this crochet dress when I was still a beginner. This pattern has sizes for 6, 12 18 and 24 months. Ifound the pattern for this crochet dress on Crochet Crowd For the pattern go here

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Granny square Poncho for my daughter

Assalamu alaikum,

Dear Readers.

Me staying in Qatar with lots of time on hand as being stay at home mom. Started trying out other projects for other members of the house. The being a Granny Square Poncho for my daughter
Well. After I tried the baby blankets for the world record which I mentioned in my previous post My Journey to Crochet  

The stitches are commonly used in this project are chain stitch and dc (double crochet) I got the pattern from youtube. After I finished the project I tried poncho for my daughter which is Lacy edged Poncho which I will mention in my new post. As I had mentioned in my earlier post that I have started selling my crochet items Do check my shop @
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My Journey to CROCHET !!

My Journey to crochet started recently as of mostly a year. But Sewing and Embroidery is an old hobby. I began crocheting at the age 36 when I got an oppurtunity to join the Guinness World Record 2016.