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As you all know I blog about the crochet patterns which I have tried it by myself.This week I tried out a new cap pattern after browsing fo...

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My Journey to CROCHET !!

My Journey to crochet started recently as of mostly a year. But Sewing and Embroidery is an old hobby. I began crocheting at the age 36 when I got an oppurtunity to join the Guinness World Record 2016.

  I am an Indian, though this art of crocheting is been heard of all over the world but it is become popular recent few years. We Indians got this oppurtunity to set the Guinness World Record of Crochet Baby Blanket with 11,148 sqm in the year 2016 by an Indian (from Chennai) with name Subashri Natarajan. A team was created of the name "Mother India Crochet Queens" and all the members contributed in making this an successful achievement in each of theirs life and of course behind the screen members contribution is also involved.

My Contribution to this world record is only 2 Baby Blanket above are the images of the Baby Blanket. Thus my Journey to Crochet began.. ...
This is just the beginning and there is more to come which I will InshAllah update as my projects gets completed..

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