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Crochet Boat shaped Baby Booties Project

Hi Readers,
Here is my another post on crochet baby booties  which I had finished  earlier and posting  now as mentioned in my old post . It was a gift to my brother’s  son. This pattern contains hdc  and chain stitch and dc . Though I got confused trying it for the first bootie but the second bootie was lot easier make.

  The yarn I used in this was a 3 ply yarn of the brand name Hariri.  It was my first mistake to think that yarn ply do not affect the sizes of the pattern when the size mentioned in the  pattern was for 3 months, my booties turned out to be the size of a newborn. Then,Learnt the common most and silliest mistake in crocheting For a crochet project the yarn ply and hook size changes the whole size and dimension of the pattern.

I found the pattern of the booties while just browsing in google for easy booties to make for a crochet beginner. This pattern is a free pattern by the designer link for the pattern is below. Well, I think it turned out to be a nice booties😉 (pat on the back).  The selection of color for this booties was by my husband. I said it turned out good as many of them appreciated it.

If interested the pattern is here

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