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How to make a Shell stitch crochet top for toddlers

Hello Readers
 I know I should post more often but sometimes with crocheting time flies by and I forget to update my blog . Hope in future I will be more conscious about updating my blog posts. Today I am talking about another crochet creations  by H&G Collections which is a Shell sttich crochet top for toddlers. Lets see where you can find the pattern for this crochet top

Schematic diagram of the typical solid shell s...
Schematic diagram of the typical solid shell stitch, done iin international symbols. Each shell consists of five double crochets, separated by a single crochet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The graphic is the pattern for a crochet shell stitch.
This crochet top is an intermediate level but if followed properly can be easily accomplished. I love to crochet shell stitch, its so beautiful once the work is done . Those who are interested to make this top you can find the pattern here . This is an free pattern

I have made few changes to my crochet top as I didnt want the top be too heavy for a kid as the type of yarn I used was a 5ply yarn and as this pattern was coming to shape I felt it was heavy so I made the rows alternately. If you are crocheting then you will understand what I mean. The yarns I used for this project was Nako Saten which has satin like finishing
If you want to buy this yarn you can buy from Amazon as My Blog is affiliated.

The below yarns are Nako Bbay yarns not the same which I used

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