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Crochet Chunky ribbed beanie

As you all know I blog about the crochet patterns which I have tried it by myself.This week I tried out a new cap pattern after browsing fo...

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Crochet new born baby romper

As you all know I am not an experienced crocheter I have kids of my own but all are way past toddlers They are aged 5, 10, 13, 14. So since learn crochet I have wanted to try making a baby romper for a newborn and below is the picture of crochet baby romper

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Chevron stitch Crochet dress for a girl

This is another crochet project which I am too late to post on my blog. I made this Chevron stitch crochet dress last year for my niece's daughter who was one and half years old.



The pattern for the link is here. The size of the crochet frock is 18 months to 2 years. Calculate before crocheting for bigger or smaller sizes.
An intermediate level if you like Chevron patterns.The pattern includes dc and sc only 

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