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Tic Tac Toe - Crochet Boardgame pattern

Assalamualaikum [Peace be upon you]

I know I know, that it is after many days I am writing my new post. But I am really sorry about it. My today's post is about a board game but the only difference is that it is a Crochet Board game and I hope you will all like this crochet project which I have completed and Let me tell you another thing, that this is my first time that I am writing crochet patterns. This is my own pattern as one of my followers on Instagram had asked and she was very impressed with it. As she replied this pattern is really great to take on the go as she has grandkids and would love it. So thought to write it down on my blog.
This a crochet board game which I am sure both adults and kids would love to play at their free time to relax and enjoy at some family gathering or occasions. So do share this pattern with your family and friends. 

crochet boardgame for kids